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" Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present, and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.”

― Theresa Francis

A word about email readings, 

Email readings work well because the sprit the soul knows nothing of time and space. Guides, gods, goddesses, spirits and angels  have no issue with location or proximity to the physical body

I have decided to strictly do online readings for a few reasons.

I have become more busy and involved with my hypnotherepy business (please see link to website in the contact me tab) so setting up a time to get together or make appointments is no worry with online readings. I can prepare better for an online reading by meditation and being in control of the space, using sage and crystals. I can sit with a card getting all the information it wants to give out to me, without someone sitting across from me waiting for answers.


 For me, I often feel very ready and connected at 3am, so by doing online readings, I can do it at that time if I choose. I know my readings are better via e-mail or FB msg than they are in person. 


I have read for people all over the globe! Please see the testimonials, and if you have had a reading from me and are willing to give a testimonial, I'm pleased to add you to the page. 

Thank you, 

Pamela Azzara AKA - Reader Pam

My decks

              * Voice of the trees, Cletic oracle * Thoth Tarot * Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
              * Psychic Tarot Orcale * Mandala Astrololgical Tarot * Universal Waite Tarot * DA Vinci Tarot * 
* If you prefer that I use a specific deck for your reading, please indicate which one via email or contact form found in the "contact me" tab, when you order your reading.
Otherwise I will pick up the one I am drawn to for your reading. ​
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